Romper Stomper is a child-character from the South Park episode "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000". He was Eric Cartman's cell-mate in the Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall. He wanted cigarettes and would tell Cartman to shove them up his ass to give some to him when Stan Marsh and Kyle Brofloski came to visit with some cigarettes. Even more desperate was his desire to see Disneyland. He seems to have a love for movies, seen when Eric Cartman and Romper had an escape attempt Romper tried to be "epic" and told Cartman to keep going on without him. Cartman says okay and continues to leave. Romper then yells out "You're not supposed to say that!" This continues for a while until the security guards catch up to Cartman and Romper. They let Cartman go because he is now innocent, but Romper goes back. Cartman eventually visits Romper with the whole of Disney World shoved up Cartman's ass, letting Romper view it all with glee. His name comes from a 1992 Russell Crowe movie of the same name. He is one of the first people Cartman meet at the Juvenile Hall, and teaches him how things work around the place. It is rumored that they still have a friendship, since Cartman came back to give him Disney World. He has a teardrop tattoo.