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Kyle Broflovski

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Created by

Trey Parker Matt Stone

Voiced by

Matt Stone


Ike Broflovski [Younger Brother], Sheila Broflovski [Mother], Gerald Broflovski [Father], Cleo Broflovski [Grandmother, Kyle Schwartz [Cousin], Murrey Broflovski [Uncle]




4th grader Student at South Park Elementary

Kyle Broflovski is one of the four main characters in humble snowy town of south park. He is often the lone voice of reason, never backing down from his beliefs and never afraid to speak his mind. Kyle's family is also jewish, an aspect that his arch rival Eric Cartman will never let him forget. his arch rival. He is based loosley of Matt Stone on of the two creators of south park.


Kyle's signature look is an orange snow jacket, dark green pants, and a green ushanka; worn almost always to conceal his untamed auburn hair. Kyle is a day walker- although he has red hair, he doesn't have pale skin or freckles.


Kyle is the smartest of the four boys and is often the lone voice of objection to Cartman; the main cause of their often toxic and intense rivalry. The jewish voice of reason also has very strong morals- a trait that leads him to be the most compassionate and optimistic out of the main four. Kyle is also very known for his temper- a very short one in fact, especially if Cartman is involved. This stubbornness and being the voice of reason can sometimes lead to his exclusion and isolation from many fourth graders. South Park is Gay! as well as You Have 0 Friends display this in full force, as Kyle's friends disperse far and wide when he refuses to follow popular trends. This has led to Kyle having a degree of insecurity despite his usual outgoing and righteous attitude.

Viligante ActivitesEdit

Kyle is a member of the coon and friends. His noble alter ego, The Human Kite, has some characteristics similar to that of Superman. The game South Park: The Fractured But Whole shows Kyle and Cartman both on the superhero franchise Coon and Friends, despite their mutual antagonism and many arguments during said time.


Kyle is in Mr.Garrison's class like all of the other fourth graders. He is the smartest of the four (although Cartman can display brilliance in his schemes from time to time) and often speaks out against Cartman's anti-semitic, racist insults and evil schemes.


  • "Shut up Fat ass!" - Kyle
  • Every time kenny dies, after Stan's "Oh my god! You killed Kenny!" Kyle will inevitably follow with "You bastards!"


Broflovski / Schwartz Family

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