Cartman gets an anial Prob

Cartman gets an anal probe

Cartman gets an anal probe is the first episode of south park it aired on August 13, 1997.


Kyle Cartman and Kenny Stan are waiting at the bus stop its snowing thats when ike comes and kyle says kick the baby and kicks ike.On the bus stan and kyle see ike get abducted by aliens confused they try and leave school later they find chief who is waiting excitedly for the vistors.Thats when walking home cartman farts and flames come out and kills kenny cartman wont believe it stan and kyle go back to cartman's house with wendy and drag cartman out and strap him to the tree.Cartman farts the vistors come and kyle gets ike back thats when stan and wendy are there all alone stan gets ready to kiss wendy thats when he throws up on her the cameria cuts showing wendy and stan talking about the throw up.

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